frequently asked questions

:: how long does the first appointment take?

// We block out 2 hours for your first Microblading appointment. This includes an in depth consultation, shaping, numbing, color selection and the Microblading procedure. Not all appointments take the full 2 hours.

:: does Microblading hurt?

// We use topical anesthetic numbing cream that sits on your brows for at least 20 minutes before we get started. We continue to reapply a numbing gel throughout the procedure so you are SUPER comfortable. If you feel any pinch of pain I apply more numbing so it is just about painless! We've actually had clients fall asleep before ;)

:: do you have a color that will match my eyebrows? I don't want super dark brows!

// Of course! We use top of the line pigments to match up to your brow color. Keeping in mind the undertones in your skin, hair color and pigments will all determine the perfect shade for you. From blonde, redhead, gray, brunette, dark dark brown, all hair types and colors are hand selected.

:: do you use a tattoo gun? does it feel like a tattoo?

// Microblading is not done with a tattoo gun. It is done using a disposable manual tool (kind of looks like a pen) with a specific blade at the end that is the exact diameter of a hair follicle. It is a very gentle and intricate process to give you the most natural looking brows. 

:: how long does Microblading last? what if I don't like it?

// Microblading is a Semi Permanent procedure. This meaning, it will not last forever. Overtime the strokes will completely fade away if you were to never touch them up. I specifically like to start your Microblading out very natural and soft, that way we can always build up and add to your brows in the future. Wether that is going more 'fluffy' 'bold' or going a little darker. If you ever wanted to get Microblading completely removed, there are options and procedures for pigment removal.

:: what is maintenance like for Microblading?

// After your first initial appointment, I have you come in for a 6 - 8 week follow up session. This session we will examine how your brows healed, if we need to go over any strokes, add strokes in or go any darker. After that 6 - 8 week touch up most clients come in once a year for an annual color touch up! 

If you have any specific / concerning questions feel free to reach out! We are always happy to chat. Email remi@third-eyestudio.com.