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Lash Lifts & Tints ✨

Ditch your mascara and learn about our lash lifts & tints by Cindi 🧚🏽

Lash lifts & tints are essentially a push-up bra for your lashes.

Without harmful chemicals or extensions, our treatment gives you an instant natural lift, separation, and extra definition.

~ The Process ~

First we will give you a consultation and asses what will be best for your lashes.

The lash lift is done by placing a silicone mold on top of your eyelid, and then putting different serums onto your lashes, brushing them upwards and precisely separating them.

Cindi will then apply conditioning serum to hydrate + nourish your lashes.

Aftercare mascara (clear or black) is available.

You can apply mascara, go in the water and go about your fun activities with no worries!

After the lift is done, Cindi will apply the tint to your lashes to give you a bold but natural look.

The process is completely painless & will leave you with beautiful curled lashes!

To schedule an appointment with Cindi, click below 🌙

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