Every skin is unique, and everyone has a different concern.

From customized facials, to getting rid of fine lines and sun spots, we have you covered.
All of the products used during each treatment are hand selected for each client.
100% Natural. Cruelty Free. GMO Free. Vegan

licensed esthetician

purify + rejuvenate

30 min Express Cleanse

In a hurry? Lets keep your skin looking and feeling good. High grade plant extracts, essential oils and potent cosmeceuticals to target all your concerns. Each facial begins with a soothing steam cleanse, extractions, muscle stimulating treatments, finished off with serums and creams to put your skin into bliss.




$65 per single session

30 min.



Exfoliate | Extract | Hydrate 


Restore healthy skin with the patented technology of a hydrofacial. A non-invasive rejuvenation treatment is all it takes to get smooth,refreshed and hydrated skin in one treatment. This treatment works by gently removing dead skin cells and impurities while cleansing, hydrating and oxygenating your skin with corrective serums .This service includes a pre-steam cleanse and light exfoliation as well as a post mask and moisturizing facial massage. 


Leaves skin looking bright, hydrated, plump, firm with a clear complexion.


Suitable for all ages and skin types 


*Hydrafacial serums can be customized by skin concerns


$150 per single session

60 min.

Anti Aging Facial

This facial is effective in diminishing the signs of aging. Best suitable for Women over the age of 30.

Deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and microdermabrasion/skin resurfacing. This is followed by a skin tightening mask, facial massage and collagen-based serum completes the facial. 


An anti-aging facial can revitalise the skin as the products boost production of collagen,

which makes the skin firm. The hydration also gives the skin much

needed moisture to keep the skin from drying. 

Suitable for all skin types


$120 per single session



brighten + smooth

Dermaplaning is a physical form of deeply exfoliating the epidermis to rid the skin of fine vellus hair. In the end giving you a smooth and clean complexion. These fine vellus hair can trap and hold dirt and oils which clog pores and cause breakouts. This service will brighten and smooth your skin, giving your products a better absorption and flawless makeup application. Leave feeling clean + rejuvenated with a relaxing pre and post cleanse treatment.


$120 per single session

60 min. 

Custom Purifying Facial

purify + rejuvenate

Each facial begins with a soothing steam cleanse and exfoliation. Extractions if needed. Followed by a Customized Skin Perfecting Beauty Masque*

Your facial will be finished off with muscle stimulation treatments to put your skin into pure bliss with an SPF moisturizer to keep your skin protected and hydrated. 


*Add Serum Boosters to enhance and target your specific needs +$10
Vital Glow Booster (Wild Carrot)
Hydration Booster (Pomegrante + Rose Geranium)
Firmness Booster (Buriti + Lime)
Hyperpigmentation Booster (Papaya + Geranium)
Oily/Combo Booster (Peach + Cypress)

*Add Dermaplaning +$90


$100 per single session

60 min.


boost collagen + deminish fine lines 


Microneedling induces collagen production and strengthens the epidermis. Using an electrical device containing very fine needles to pass over the skin it creates microscopic 'injuries' to trigger new collagen synthesis. Think of this as your bodies most natural form of giving you a fresh new layer of skin. PLUS - this procedure could be done on any areas of your body.

 No major down time or side effects. The entire session includes a facial, and added collagen peptides to enhance the results.

What are the major benefits?

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Reduce sun spots and hyperpigmentation

Improve Scars (acne + surgery scars)

Reduce Stretch Marks

Reduce Signs of Aging

Shrink pores


There is a recommended amount of treatments per concern to achieve the best results.

$250 per session

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