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Keep Saniderm over tattoo up to 5 - 7 days


If you see the Saniderm bubbling or it is uncomfortable, remove and wash your tattoo with antibacterial soap and completely dry it before applying anything on it.


It is OK  to see any ink, bleeding or fluid building up under Saniderm.


To remove Saniderm: Wash hands, remove Saniderm by pulling in an outward direction until it is completely removed from your skin.


Wash tattoo with warm water and  fragrance free soap.


Pat your skin dry with a clean, soft cloth.


Keep your tattoo hydrated by applying a thin layer of coconut oil or A+D as needed throughout healing / post healing.


Avoid for up to 2 weeks:

Scratching, picking at tattoo

Direct sunlight on tattoo

Heavy sweating

Wearing tight clothing

Swimming, submerging in water

Applying sunscreen or other products than what is listed above.


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