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Each artist at Thirdeye Studio holds unique creative qualities. We've created this space to ensure you feel relaxed, confident and safe during your appointment with us. We cant wait to work together and bring your visions to life! Please read below on the booking process and choosing your artist.


1. All tattoo appointments are booked through this website and performed at our studio in Jupiter, Florida.

2. Choose the artist you'd like to work with based on what they specialize in and their availability. 

3. a $50 booking fee is required to book the appointment or will be invoiced to you via email after requesting your appointment.

4. Follow the prompts on the booking form - it will ask detail on what you would like for your design.

5. You will be prompted to email over your design ideas to the artist. Please include as much detail as possible.

6. Once we get closer to your appointment date, you will receive the design via email or text. At this time you and the artist will make any tweaks and changes to the design to finalize it before you come in for your appointment.

7. Size and placement will be finalized at the appointment.


KEL 1_edited.jpg


Kelly specializes in fine line, illustrative designs. Her main focus of designs are medium to large tattoos. Head over to Kellys instagram to view her full portfolio of work. 



Emerson specializes in fine line tattoos. Her main focus of designs are small to medium size tattoos. Head over to Emersons instagram to view her full portfolio.



Remi specializes in fine line designs.Her main focus of tattoo designs are florals, mystical and illustrative small to large size tattoos. Head over to her instagram to view her full portfolio.


  •  Must be 18 Y.O + 


  • Cannot be pregnant or breastfeeding


  • Click on the Artist you'd like to work with to view their next available appointment.


  • The availability is accurate on our website. If there are any cancellations your artist will reach out to you to come in sooner if its available. 


  • We have a $150 shop minimum starting for all tattoos.

  • Pricing is determined on size, placement, detail, design,  time, experience etc. We could give you an estimate on your tattoo after booking your appointment. During the booking process the form will ask you for a budget on your tattoo. 

  • Our artists mainly work with black and gray ink. We do have colors to choose from for minimal color additions.


  • Once you book, ensure you send over the design you'd like via email. 
    Please allow us to get back to you within 1 - 2 weeks.


  • Please include descriptive ideas, placement, size, inspo, photos, words etc. about the tattoo you would like to get.


  • There is a $50 booking fee to secure your appointment that is due at the time of booking or will be invoiced to you via email. This does not include the total of your tattoo unless otherwise discussed. This is non refundable unless otherwise discussed but can be transferred if you reschedule with atleast a 48 hour notice.


  • Once we get a little closer to your appointment we will send you over the design via email or text so we can work together on changing/adding or tweaking your design before you come in for your appointment.


  • If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to us via email or call/text.


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