"Its a super intimate setting at Thirdeye. When you step into the studio, you feel the zen and comfort unlike anything else. Their passion lies deeply in creating and making sure you walk out full of love and crispy new ink. "

t a t t o o

lets bring your visions to life.


Kelly specializes in fine line, illustrative
designs. Her main focus of designs are medium to large tattoos. Head over to Kellys instagram to view her full portfolio of work. 


Remi specializes in fine line designs.Her main focus of tattoo designs are florals, mystical and illustrative small to medium size tattoos. Head over to her instagram to view her full portfolio.


Emerson specializes in fine line tattoos. Her main focus of designs are tiny tattoos and minimalistic tattoos. Head over to Emersons instagram to view her full portfolio.


:Must be 18 Y.O + 

: Cannot be pregnant or breastfeeding

: Click on the Artist you'd like to work with to view their next available appointment.
: The availability is accurate, Book yourself in for the next available and you could email your artist to see if you could be put on a waitlist for a sooner appointment.
: We have a $120 shop minimum for any tiny tattoo.
: Once you book, ensure you send over the design you'd like via email. Please allow us to get back to you within 1 - 2 weeks.

: Please include descriptive ideas, placement, size, inspo, photos, words etc. about the tattoo you would like to get.

: There is a $50 design fee when booking. This does not include the total of your tattoo.

; Once we get a little closer to your appointment we will send you over the design via email or text so we can work together on changing/adding or tweaking your design before you come in for your appointment.

If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to us via email or call/text.


head over to our instagram to view our most recent tattoos!

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