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We offer all types of ear piercings from a simple lobe to more complex cartilage and only pierce with highest implant-grade titanium in gold & silver options - perfect for sensitive skin. All of our studs are flat-back for comfort and we pierce with one-time use products and utilize aseptic techniques for safety.

We offer ear styling & change-out of your existing jewelry on healed piercings.  You can shop our full collection of studs

and hoops in the studio!



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The costs below *include* implant grade titanium jewelry available in both gold & silver finish.

Costs below are for 1 piercing (unless specified otherwise) and each additional piercing in the same session (3 max) cost is $50.

Lobe (single) $125
Helix $125
Tragus $125
Conch $125
Rook $125
Flat $125
Forward Helix $125
Nose/Nostril $125

Jewelry Change-out $30 + jewelry cost
Ear Styling Session $50 + jewelry cost
6-Week Check-up $25

Final cost will depend on jewelry selection. Estimates above do not include tax.

In Chinese Medicine, the ear serves as a 'microsystem' for the body as a whole. There are about 200 acupoints throughout the ear anatomy that are energetic meridians and connect to another physical part of the body. When these points are activated (think: acupuncture or acupressure), you may feel relief from conditions such as constipation,  migraines, anxiety and support with others like weight-loss or deeper sleep. Piercing allows a constant activation of the acupoint and is known to allow energy to flow more freely to and from that point.