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Creating p e r f e c t brows ⚡️

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

We offer both first-time microblading and corrective microblading services. Our artists are professionally trained and specialize in creating ultra-realistic, natural-looking results.

The Initial Micoblading process includes an in depth consultation with you at the time of your Microblading appointment. During this consultation we will go over all of the steps with you and ensure you are 100% comfortable and confident to get started. We do a full professional shaping, brow mapping, and drawing with pencil to give you a preview of what the Microblading will look like. Numbing and relaxing is included!

Brow mapping is a process used to create symmetry between both brows when styling. It involves using measuring your brows and eyes to establish the most flattering, even shape for your face. While the technique is the same for everyone, it ultimately yields a totally customized end result. It's all dependent on your individual eye and face shape.

Corrective Brow process is an option is for clients with previously done Microblading / Tattoo / PMU. Please email us a photo of your brows before booking to ensure we are ready to start working on you. We want to make sure the previous color has faded at least 50% before working on your brows. This is so that you get the best results possible. Our technique is very delicate and we want to ensure the strokes and work we do on you will hold up and cover that old color you have. Depending on the status of your brows, we will decide if we will just do Microblading or a Combo brow when you come in.

Head over to our website to book with vivian, emerson, or remi!

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