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floral tattoos - forever in bloom 🌼

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

check out some epic floral tattoos here at Thirdeye Studio

whether its a single line flower, added to a sleeve,
or with eyes in the center, each artist will
bring your floral visions to life!
what works perfect with flower tattoos:
flower + skull tattoo designs

Floral tattoos make for a great point of contrast for other designs that are more dark or intense. Skulls are a reminder of mortality, their meaning shifts when paired with flowers – the dueling powers of good and evil, of life and death.

flower + butterfly or bee tattoo designs

Another natural choice is to pair your flower tattoo with an animal that is drawn to flowers - butterflies or bees. Butterflies are a very common tattoo due to their beautiful and delicate beauty with meanings of transformation, resilience, rebirth, and freedom. Bees are also a great option as they can represent feminine power and the beauty of the natural world.

flower + snake tattoo designs

While the snake tattoo often symbolizes things such as danger, risk, and power, when combined with a floral tattoo, it tends to take on more wholesome meanings such as rebirth, change, and transformation.

The options for flower tattoos are endless, with different combinations of designs, placements, and styles offering countless opportunities for personalizing and creating a unique flower tattoo that you will love forever.


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