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Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Give your lips a little love and wake up ready to go everyday!

Why we love Lip Blushing...

Having to retouch lipstick in public after every few hours is a bummer. But thanks to lip blushing, more & more women can now enjoy their drinks without worrying about smudged makeup. Those who are always in a rush can also now stay looking at their best and say goodbye to re-applying their lipstick.

A session typically lasts around 2 to 3 hours depending on your chosen look. After 6 to 8 week you will book a touch-up treatment to enhance the colors and make your lips’ beauty look more natural.Followed by an annual touch up. If you’re going to take into account the results, then those hours are definitely time well spent! You’ll be able to enjoy your beautifully tinted, young-looking lips for a year or two without having to apply any lip makeup over them!

Some major benefits this treatment provides are for those who

have scars on their lips which they want to conceal

.who have discolored lips.

.who have faint natural lip color.

.have uneven lips or uneven lip color.

.are looking to save time and money instead of constantly purchasing and using make-up products.

We know you want it badly, so whats the wait? This lip color treatment is perfect for women who are alway on the go but still want to look their best. So go ahead and treat yourself with a lip blushing treatment you deserve - head over to our website it book!

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