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How Thirdeye Began

"Thirdeye began to flourish and I knew I needed to bring on some other talent to help with Thirdeye's growing rush of clients..."

Thirdeye started out of my apartment in Encinitas, CA. I was in transitions of what to do next in life and eyelash extensions sounded like a fun venture. I always wanted to get into Microblading and tattooing but it was a little bit more of an investment than my bank account allowed me to move forward on at the time.

After a few months of giving random people, and friends eyelash extensions out of my apartment i took the leap to do a Microblading/tattoo training. Then I was doing Microblading on friends and roommates to perfect my craft. I then started to work with a bad ass Hawaiian native, Brendie (@sugarhaven). She had a super cute studio in Huntington Beach - I would work maybe 2 - 3 days a week in there and it was a great starting point for me. But my clientele wasn't growing as quickly as Id like it to. With not being from the area and so much competition around it was a little intimidating to be honest.I would come home to Jupiter, Florida once in a while and every time i'd come home I would reach out to friends that Im offering Microblading for a few of those days visiting at home. That quickly grew to a point that I had more business in Jupiter, than I did in California. So I packed up things up and moved back home.

After a few weeks of searching around for a perfect little studio I met Kimber (owner of Sugarcoat) She was working out of an amazing space that so happened to have an extra room for me to start Thirdeye Studio out of.

Kelly (Licensed Tattoo + Microblading Artist)

Thirdeye began to flourish and I knew I needed to bring on some other talent to help with

Thirdeye's growing rush of clients! Thats when I found Kelly - (@spacecadetkell) She was an amazing artist and had similar lifestyle/style as mine. After she shadowed me for a few weeks, she is now 1 year in and is absolutely killing it with a fully booked schedule.

We had to find a larger studio, which is when I brought on Cindi (our esthetician) that was very passionate about skincare and Vivian (@Vivian_vergara) Vivian was experienced in Microblading and brow shaping, and I knew she would do really well in here!

Vivian (Licensed Cosmetologist + Microblading Artist)

Once I brought these amazing women on, Thirdeye really started to blossom. We have some amazing services to offer and local vendors in our mini boutique to shop from. Thirdeye holds a safe space for everyone to walk in and leave feeling fulfilled with what they came in for. We hope you all enjoy this creative and loving space.

Cindi (Licensed Esthetician)

Stay in your magic babe.

Everything With Love,

Remi Aliseo


licensed tattoo + microblading artist + esthetician


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