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It's Spooky Season, Keep Those Brows on Lock.

Peep our new Thirdeye Brow Lift Gel. If you are obsessed with the brow lamination look, use this product to lift and fluff those brows everyday and wash them off at night!

Not only will our brow gel shape & tame your brows, if you decide to add brow pencil/powder the gel assists on locking in that makeup so your eyebrows don't pull a disappearing act, making it physically impossible for you to be ghosted, making your eyebrows the perfect date for this halloween season. Stay Groovy.

How to fluff your brows:

  1. Start with clean brows.

  2. Run the brow brush lightly across the brow gel to coat the bristles with product. *start with very little product first and continue to add more as needed.*

  3. Brush through your brows in an upward and out motion to navigate your hairs to a fluffy brow.

  4. Work quickly as the product will settle in.

  5. This could be used alone or add some brow pencil/powder to finish the look.

  6. the product will keep your brows in place for 24 hours or until you wash your brows.

  7. Soap + water to remove.

That "I'm unstoppable feeling when you have flawless brows"


Order now by clicking the button below or visit the studio and buy our brow gel in person :)

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