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Lip Blushing healing & aftercare

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Lip blushing is the new semipermanent makeup procedure on everyone's lips. Similar to other semipermanent makeup services like Microblading. Lip blushing allows you wake up with picture-perfect, beautifully flushed lips without applying a stitch of lipstick, balm, or gloss.

The healing process will look different for everyone, but here is what you can expect over the next few days after getting your lips done.

FIRST 24 HOURS - As you’re starting to enjoy your new beautiful lips, expect your lips to be fairly swollen for the first day or so after the lip blushing treatment. Most levels of mild to moderate swelling are normal. Your lip blushing color will be most vibrant immediately following your session.

DAY TWO& THREE- The swelling should go down around 2 days after your lip blushing treatment. By the 3-day mark, the lip blush color will be getting a bit darker than it was right after the procedure. Your lips will start to flake and peel around 3-4 days after your lip blushing session. During this stage, scabs begin to form to recover from the needle-induced wounds. This portion of the healing process is nearly identical to that of a tattoo. Never peel off the scabs – picking off the skin can fade the lip blush’s pigment or patchiness throughout the area.

DAY FOUR&FIVE - Once the flakiness begins to subside, the color on your mostly-healed lips will likely be 30- 50% lighter than they were when you left Thirdeye. Trust the process - if the pigment “disappears” for a period before returning a couple of days later. This outcome is normal during the end of the recovery process. Once the skin repairs itself (after around 6-8 weeks) and the color settles you will be back in for your 6 to 8 week touch-up!

The aftercare process, over the next few days you will wash lips before bed with luke warm water and unscented soap or cleanser. Apply the aftercare that is given to you by Thirdeye in a thin layer after cleaning. Make sure hands are clean before you touch your lips and wash them. Repeat in the morning. You will continue this for 5 days minimum.

Does Lip Blushing hurt?

The lips are a naturally sensitive area, so worrying about the pain is an understandable concern. Fortunately, we apply a topical anesthetic (before), and during the produce to reduce the pain level significantly. Clients compare the feeling to light scratches, small pinches or a strong lip scrub.

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