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Microblading - when to book a touch up!🪐

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

This is your sign to book your annual Microblading touch up!

If you love them just the way they are and aren't sure when you need a touch up you could always send us a photo of you brows and we can give you a recommendation!

When is it time to book a Microblading touch up?

Every client is different, the longer you wait the better!

Most clients go anywhere from 1-2 years before needing a touch up!

We want strokes to be faded enough in order to keep your brows looking natural and crisp, if not we could risk strokes blurring together and just not looking too pretty.

When to come in

  • If you're filling in your entire brow with make-up

  • If 20% - 50% of Microblading is faded

  • If you want to a fuller brow

When its time to wait

  • If your only filling a tiny area with make-up

How to book your touch up

  1. Head to our website and choose a Microblading Artist ( you could always use another artist than the one you used in the past if their arability works out better for you! )

  2. Emerson, Vivian or Remi

  3. Choose 'Annual Microblading Touch up'

  4. Choose your preferred date and time!


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