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Microblading What is it? And the Thirdeye process.

Do you dream of not having to fill in your brows before you leave the house?

1. Microblading is a form of semi permanent cosmetic tattooing 💕

All of our artists specialize in the most realistic - natural looking Microblading to give you your desired results. The technique we use is a manual method using tools we have designed to implant pigment beneath the skin to create the look of realistic hairs.

2. Add volume, shape...

...and hair in partially missing, completely missing brows, scarred areas, or just to give more density to a brow. Each clients experience is specifically tailored to their wants/needs, shape and color.

3. DurIng your Appointment //

We will have an in depth consultation with you at the time of your Microblading appointment. During this consultation we will go over all of the steps with you and ensure you are 100% comfortable and confident to get started. We do a full professional shaping, mapping out , and drawing with pencil to give you a preview of what the Microblading will look like. Numbing and relaxing is included! ​

4. Aftercare, Absorb, Wash and Moisturize //

This is the most important part! It's up to you to follow proper after care to ensure you get the best result. You will be given an aftercare kit and in depth instructions on how to care for your brows at your appointment. Please be sure to read over all of our before and after care to familiarize yourself.

Curious about more aftercare details?

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